The Forbidden Wedding Game

The Forbidden Wedding The Forbidden Wedding. Forbidden love – that is something that unfortunately exists in every era, in every society, unfortunately! Starting from the fact that each person knows himself best and every choice in our life makes us be what we actually are, there’s no point to forbid someone’s love but that isn’t how things work in life. We have heard numerous stories about forbidden love starting from Romeo and Juliette until some ridiculous stories from today and it seems that those who forbid those loves are almost never right and look on the things only from their own point of view, without taking care of the happiness of the ones that are in love. That is something that also happened to one young couple. Jasmine is madly in love with Edward but her family is strictly against that relationship.

However, opposite to all objections from their family, Jasmine and Edward decide to organize a wedding in a small church in the neighboring village. There was a chance everything to end up just fine but again there is a problem – Jasmine’s aunt! This insolent woman finds out about the wedding and she is willing to tell everyone about the secret. What is even worse, she asks for money in order to keep the secret! Well this would be very hard so please help Jasmine collect enough money to pay her aunt’s silence, so the wedding could pass without problems.

This game is also from the new game play. Bonus games, bonus levels and numerous surprises including the wheel of fortune. Just enjoy yourself and have fun!

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