The Dark Prince Game

The Dark Prince The Dark Prince. There are always certain rumors when it comes about something unknown and hidden. It was like that since forever when people could not understand the natural phenomena around them so they invented numerous stories. Now we know almost everything about the rain and the thunders but in ancient times it was believed that many things depend on the will of those mythical creatures.

There were many rumors about the Dark Prince as well. He lived in a castle completely alone and he came out of there almost never or at least he didn’t come out on daylight. And as it goes in those times, people started to believe that this young gentleman was actually a vampire. That’s why the whole place was devastated when young Meredik decided to work for him. There was an advert where the prince was looking for a house made and actually no one applied for that advert except this poor girl. She felt that she doesn’t have time to be scared or anything because she desperately needed some money and at the moment this job was her only opportunity.

But to be honest, she was also feeling huge curiosity about that young man and yes, there was something romantic about that vampire story… Let’s see what this strange choice will bring to young Meredik, a new exciting experience or maybe a trouble?!

The Dark Prince is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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