The Cursed House Game

The Cursed House The Cursed House. Patricia, together with her family, has been looking for a new house for a certain period of time. They were looking for something not so big and luxurious but nice and comfortable, enough for them. They were imagining how would they turn that new house into their home and live happily there for many, many years. and yes, this family found a house like that, or at least they thought it was. The house was really nice in every sense. It had enough space for everyone, each kid had its own room, the living room was quite ample, the bedroom as well, the location was also great….But who could imagine that something like that really exists…

Hoping for better life, Patricia’s family bumped into something completely unpredicted. They moved into that house but the next day strange things started to happen. The children started noticing some strange noises, actually they sad that they saw ghosts in their room! Supposedly those ghosts don’t leave them to sleep and they are ordering them to move out of the house, right away. Patricia is so confused about the happenings. This happening is completely strange but she has to believe in her kids’ words. That’s why she decides to take an advice from a priest. The priest tells her that she needs to search through the whole house and find the cursed charm that has lead to this. This charm supposedly belongs to the bad ghosts so it should be brought back, in order to bring peace in the house.

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