The Color of Poison Game

The Color of Poison The Color of Poison. Fred is in one small city named Kidron. There wasn’t something interesting about this city, city like any other, until last days when something completely unpredictable happen. In this small city before few days appeared certain strange light, caused by meteor fall. It was something never seen before that made people quite curious. Everyone wanted to know what is this light about? What is the reason for this specific color?! Soon it was for sure that the specific color didn’t bring anything good. But something completely opposite – some poisonous stuff started spreading all around in the city and the local area.

That’s why the city was evacuated very soon, to make sure that everyone stays all right without any possible consequences after their health. However, this poisonous material with light green color doesn’t like to stay just in this place but it started spreading outside the city becoming a danger for the biggest part of the earth.

We didn’t tell you that Fred who is in Kidron at the moment is an expert for meteors. So he is there with intention to discover if it is possible to put an end of the danger triggered by this meteor. The challenge that stands right in front of him is very big. Because he is actually responsible for the future of the humankind but on the other hand this is something that should motivate him most, because numerous people depend on him.

The Color of Poison is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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