The Black Coast

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Game Details

The Black CoastThe Black Coast. Grace O’Maley is one of the few women that enjoy sailing. She loves the sea but also she loves adventures and she loves doing dangerous things – that’s how she actually chooses this profession. Grace travels through the seas but also she looks for hidden treasures.

This time this brave girl has found out about a place that is called Black coast and at this place the sea is throwing out all damaged boats that come out of the sea, destroyed by storms and other similar accidents. And those boats sometimes bring treasures, not all the time but sometimes it could be a quite big amount. Grace is quite sure that she will manage to find some treasure so she decides to anchor near the coast and start looking for the treasure, even though the other sailors believe that this place is cursed.

Just when she arrives at the Black Coast, her search begins and this young girl is pretty assured that if she is persistent enough, she will find a boat that brought treasure. This will be a hard mission, that is for sure but let’s see how Grace will handle it. She may need a little help, so be there for her.