Tales of Magic Land Game

Tales of Magic Land Tales of Magic Land. It is time for some mystery. Before the weekend comes, lets’ do some magic, what do you say? It is not going to be a tough task for you. You will be dealing with three gorgeous witches who are trying to improve their abilities. And the competition is big between the three of them, because that shows who is going to be the best among them. And when we are talking about magic, than there are no compromises, you must be the best. We hope you won’t mind helping these die-hard sorcerers and bring their confidence again.

Eva, Melody and Rosalinda are sorcerers and each of them lives in a special territory where she publishes her best magical abilities. They visit the magic land very often. They take magical objects from there, such that help them in the creation of their magics.

Let’s help them find their magical objects, so they will fight among each other, who would be the best sorcerer ever. Or maybe they don’t think like that, maybe they don’t see each other as competition. However, you are the one who could help them be the best version of themselves.

Tales of Magic Land is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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