Sowing Season

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Game Details

Sowing SeasonSowing Season. If you still remember the first part of this series and you loved it, this one will also be a great challenge and very interesting game for you as well. Again we are back to the nature, enjoying the fresh air and those wonderful sights that the nature offers, going back to the roots. And maybe you don’t know that much about agriculture and similar things like seasonal crops and so but this is a great way to learn via playing and having incredible fun.

In this episode of the game our characters are preparing the terrain for seasonal crops. It is a very important step in year development of the farm so there are so many workers included in it. Those people know their job well but however, there is always a need of someone that will control the job. The owner of the farm is in charge of the main things but also he would need some help, an assistant that will work parallel with him, and react once he sees that something may go in wrong direction.

Well in this game you have that task, you are the assistant whose job is to serve the other workers on time and provide them everything they need to finish their job professionally. We are sure that you will engage yourself enough, so the work could continue without any obstacle. A great motivation for you would be the bonus game that you’ll get if you finish the job successfully. Good luck friend!