Sleepless Night Game

Sleepless NightSleepless Night. Our home is our shelter where we do our favorite things. We stay there with our family and spend wonderful hours together, either by doing everyday things or having a special dinner for example It is the place where we could be our own, completely, without taking care of some norms of the society or what will other people say People usually feel safe in their homes but unfortunately the crime is in its bloom so arrogant thieves are operating everywhere and they are entering into foreign assets without thinking.

That’s why people decide to insure or even secure the home, and the cameras are something that becomes everyday reality. Some people put cameras in the yard, before the front door, or even in every room, to make sure that they catch the possible thief. And that’s something that actually happens in the following game.

Sleepless Night is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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