Shopping with Anna Game

Shopping with Anna Shopping with Anna. There were times when journalism was an exclusive profession but these days things have changed – the social media has opened new spaces for expression, giving chances to everyone who likes to try working something like this. The internet is an open space, everyone could post his thoughts and points of view online but that doesn’t mean that everyone would have good ratings and readings, which mean that the public opinion makes someone ‘internet star.’ If the person is not good in what he’s doing, he would definitely fail.

Writing a blog is a form of journalism very famous these days. Blogs were meant to be online personal journals but they are often used to write about certain topics, not just what have we did today. Anna for example is a very famous fashion blogger whose blog has few millions of fans. She was always interested in fashion and she knows a lot about it so one day she has decided that she should share her knowledge online. This was a great opportunity for her because she always liked to do something like this as a freelancer.

Since Anna is a real blogger superstar with so many followers, people appreciate her advices very much and they are all excited about the surprises that she organizes once a month. Every month she offers going on a shopping with her and the lucky one has the privilege to hear her shopping advices about the latest trends in fashion. This month you have the won the price so it is your turn to go on a shopping with this famous fashion blogger. Let’s see how a day with Anna would look like. Ready to start shopping?

Shopping with Anna is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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