Seven Diamonds Game

Seven Diamonds Seven Diamonds Game: Mabel is a girl with origins coming from the Mayas. Yes, you’ve heard right, she is a heritage of this great ancient civilization. Her family is one of the oldest families coming from this region. And since blood is not water, Mabel is very proud to her origin. And somehow she feels that she carries the spirit of the ancient Mayas. At least she feels like that when she walks through the forests that one day belonged to her forefathers. Actually she has spent the most of her childhood there, walking and enjoying the silence around the ruins of the old Maya’s monuments. But let’s say that it’s not just the silence the things that attracts her there. Mabel knows that somewhere here there are seven diamonds hidden really well. And those diamonds have been an aim to the treasure seekers for so many years.

They are not interested in cultural heritage, they don’t appreciate the tradition at all and the only thing they know and value re the money! That’s why Mabel believes that it is best those diamonds to be found by some member of the Mayas who will keep them on a safe place. Maybe Mabel was walking through those woods just like that when she was young. But now she has a mission in front of herself – to find those diamonds and hide them from the fortune seekers. Because those diamonds are very important artifact, as a piece of Mayas’ national treasures. Let’s look closer at this interesting adventure. Enjoy and have fun in playing Seven Diamonds Game.

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