Secrets and Clues Game

Secrets and Clues Secrets and Clues. All of us we feel weak sometimes. Than, we look for some help, for a hand that can help us. And that is not a bad thing, we are humans and sometimes support and a nice word is welcomed. And how many stories have you read, or how many movies you have watched that show even the toughest guys don’t feel good sometimes.

Even the best magicians need help sometimes. Even the best need help sometimes, even the best cry sometimes. But, the most important thing is to look for a help when it is needed. Clevia is a magician whose power starts to weaken. She must improve her power. Clevia arrives in the magical world of Rifea. She is magician with the biggest power ever, but Rafea is not going to give the energy to Clevia.

She will have to answer five questions – riddles if she wants to get enough energy for her mission. Today’s’ game is similar to our quiz games that you adore. Riddles are always provocative. No one says that it is going to be an easy task, but it is worth trying it. Put yourself in the role of a magician. And try to understand how does it feel to be super powered. Enjoy and have fun in playing Secrets and Clues Game.

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