Ryan’s New Office

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Game Details

Ryan's New OfficeRyan’s New Office. Ryan has been working for one company for a longer period of time. He is really dedicated to his work, most of it because he likes his work, it gives his great pleasure but also it is well paid job. After certain time of working at that place, Ryan got a promotion because of his great work and that promotion includes a new office, quite big one. Ryan is alone in that office so he has to arrange the space by his own, on a way that will suit him best – to make the space comfortable, practical and beautiful at the same time.

So Ryan has chosen this day to arrange his office. He is trying to find a way how to make it in his own style. He has some idea about that but he likes to have some help for doing that, someone that could advice him about the elements, someone that could help him find some objects that are hiding in that office and so one.

‘Ryan’s new office’ is actually a hidden object game and every level of the game is a different part of the office. Finding all hidden objects in one level is a condition for moving into a next level, and finally getting to the end of the game.

Ryan’s New Office is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.