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Pirates TalesPirates Tales. Once upon a time there was a pirate. But not just an ordinary pirate… He was a very fine seaman and often made long voyages across oceans to try his luck in new areas with help from his fellow pirates. Their charts were usually inaccurate, so they relied on good lookouts and their knowledge of local waters to stay clear of reefs.Many stories like this one have been retold time and time again about pirates. Even Disney created a famous pirate called Captain Hook who causes trouble in the story about Peter Pan. This isn’t a story about a famous captain, but it is a story about pirates.

Pirates Tales. There is a place called The Angry Cliff. It is the highest sea cliff of Jamaica and it is the place where the pirates had buried their treasure. Jamaica is a tropical island in the Caribbean – the perfect place for pirates to hide or to attack merchant vessels. The Caribbean was a pirate paradise and home to more than 2.000 pirates in the 1700’s. Merchant ships from Africa, loaded with ivory, gold and slaves passed through.

Spanish treasure ships loaded with silver from Central America made their way out into the Atlantic and were the greatest prize for a pirate crew. The Angry Cliff is a safe anchorage surrounded by water, so the pirates made up a story about it. The name was to frighten the sailors and other pirates from reaching this place. According to their story, every ship that reached this cliff never sailed out of it. Its powerful waves, strong riptides and the sharp rocks make this area doomed for shipwreck.

While most pirates were men, there were women in these ranks of raiders who were just as merciless, notorious, and feared. The young pirate Almira was a strong, independent woman, who became a respected pirate in a predominantly male society. She found out about the figment and the story the pirates made up. Only with the help from you as a friend, Almira arrives on this notorious locality to steal the riches. Let the Treasure Hunt Begin!