Perfect Evening Game

Perfect Evening Perfect Evening. Forget Paris and Rome, London is the capital of love. Big Ben, Hyde Park, Soho, Greenwich, Westminster Abbey… It will always be a stop in every travelers life. Debra has spent her whole life in the United States. She has left Kansas City a few times but never had the opportunity to travel abroad. This time good luck has smiled on her. On her first trip to Europe she is visiting London. It is jaw dropping. She is fascinated by this old town and just can’t get enough of the buildings and museums which can be seen here. The third night she met Adam, a local artist, the epitome of a charming Englishman, and was immediately drawn to him.

Perfect Evening. Even though he wasn’t stereotypically handsome, he was delightful and quick to make fun of himself-and to tease her: the typical American. He asked to paint a portrait of her and she is ecstatic. It is the second time in her life she is feeling butterflies in her stomach. Tonight an Englishman has spread his charm on her.Tonight Debra is meeting Adam again. He invited her out to give her the finished portrait. They are having a romantic dinner in a small restaurant just around the corner of Hoxton in East End, artistic quarter in London.

Debra reached the agreed place earlier so she has time to see this interesting part of town. She adores his country almost as much as she likes Adam. She is hoping for a moonlight kiss but there is still some time left until she meets him face to face. Then the East End opened up, with Whitechapel, Hoxton and Old Street. Let’s go explore!

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