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Parisian RomanceParisian Romance. Asking for a girl’s hand is one of the most interesting moments in a man’s life. More than interesting, it is intriguing and stressful, as well. You get to choose the ring, to be secretly, to be the correct size and for that, you steal some ring from the girl of your life and you try to be careful, so she wouldn’t notice. Then, it is time to choose the adequate surprising way of proposing the girl, so that she would guess the moment, she wouldn’t notice that something is happening. And when she expects at least that something would happen, than, the ring comes out and she is surprised up to the sky. Off course, the best response is “yes”. Everybody tries to be original in these rituals, and we often hear, oh, proposing on the top of the Eiffel tour is just a cliché or proposing during a music concert in front of few thousand people. And, we all laugh and sympathize with those poor guys that get ‘no’, standing on their knees in front of the girl they love, and in front of few hundreds of audience on a NBA game.

No one would want to be in this boy’s shoes, when not only the hall, but, millions of people watch you on TV or Internet. Looking for the new ways, we somehow forgot the old tradition of proposing and how romantic that was. In today’s game we return that tradition for a while.

Fabien is crazy in love with his girlfriend Caroline. He is planning to ask her hand, but on old traditional way. Fabien is in his grandmother’s house and he has to find all the necessary objects that he could use for the traditional wedding with his Caroline. His grandmother is no longer among the living and that’s why he is having bad time to find the objects. Of course, he needs our help. It is an interesting offer, isn’t it?

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