Paranormal Woods Game

Paranormal Woods Paranormal Woods. Kimberly who was together with her family on a safari trip, but the curious girl wanted to explore something more. While her parents were distracted with her little brother, Kimberly ran away, trying to find out what’s hiding behind that big wood. She knew nothing about the so called ‘Abandoned Woodland’ which existed there for thousands of years and attracted a lot of adventurers who wanted to find the key for its mystery. Kimberly, as well, didn’t know that whoever ordinary people would enter the woods, simply ended his life there, because the woods changed all the time.

Once a path was found, on the next second it was on other place. Nothing was constant and stable over there. But, our hero Kimberly is not an ordinary girl. She has bigger power than other people. With the help of her new computer her parents bought few days ago, she could memorize all the possible positions of the trees, paths…She knew how to calculate it with algorithms and that way she excluded all the mistakes. Even the ‘Abandoned Woodland’ was surprised with the visit of this wunderkind.

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