Paranormal Whispers Game

Paranormal Whispers Paranormal Whispers. When it comes to paranormal activities, people are usually at least skeptics about it. In other cases they are scared from the thought about ghosts, and they can’t even imagine that something like that could really exist. However, in praxis, there are many evidences that show that there is something true about those ghost stories. Maybe we can’t see them walking around us. But it seems like they whisper to some of us, perhaps the ones that are prepared to hear something about them… Robin for example is a detective whose specialties are paranormal activities. He has this strange talent that allows him to talk with the ghosts of late people. That is actually his secret, the factor that makes him excellent in doing his job, the reason why he gets cases like this.

This time some of the ghosts on the city cemetery are rather disturbed by something. The reason for their anxiety is not known. So that’s why Robin has visited them today, to figure out what is going on with them; why they act so strange?! Robin has taken with him Wilbert and Tori as well. Who are actually ghosts that many times work with him, helping him solve the cases faster.

Let’s take part in this unusual adventure and learn something more about the ghosts, about their way of thinking and their actual acts. At the same time, let’s help Robin and his ghost friends solve the case faster and calm those upset ghosts. Enjoy and have fun in playing Paranormal Whispers Game.

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