My Grandma’s Wish Game

My Grandma's Wish My Grandma’s Wish. Grandmothers and granddaughters always have special relationship. They love each other so much and they respect themselves as well – that is usually the base of this relation that lasts all through their lives. Mothers are mothers but always there is something incredibly sweet about the grandmothers, some secret, some interesting happening or so that makes this relation special.

That’s why it is really important to young Alison to make something nice for her grandmother – a great surprise that will definitely make her happy. Namely the grandmother is staying at her relatives for few days so her house is empty at the moment. Alison likes to take advantage from this situation and make her a huge surprise. The grandmother has a longtime with so renovate her house or more exactly the porch of the house which is her favorite place of the house, a place where she often spends her free time. She wanted to do that for a long time but she never decided to start so now the loving granddaughter has just two days left to fulfill her grandmother wish, before the grandmother comes home. Alison has all the needed material and she has to start right away because in other case the surprise will be ruined.

The girl likes to make everything perfect so the grandmother could enjoy her evening tea, watching the sunset from the most perfect spot. Since Alison is in a big hurry, let’s help her finish the job as soon as possible and make it exactly as her grandmother wishes.

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