Memoirs of an Adventurer Game

Memoirs of an Adventurer Memoirs of an Adventurer. Her name is Amber. We guess you could call her the adventurer. She has a great passion for traveling and writing. Her life consumed by her drive to search for that next exciting experience and story, or learn from a different culture and language, or to discover new places and people.

Amber wants to record every adventure in her memoirs. Each of these recordings is a first-person experience from the adventures themselves. For the next challenge, she wants to go on a trip that follows the footsteps of King Arthur’s and his knights, searching for the place where they secretly hid for a certain period while making plans for future battles.

In the popular imagination, King Arthur is often associated with medieval knights in shining armor. The sites in Britain have a historical connection to the man author T.H. White described as ‘the once and future king’. These locations attract thousands of visitors on a kind of Arthurian pilgrimage. Amber is ready for her first Arthurian pilgrimage. She hopes that she will succeed in this mission and have plenty of material for her memoirs.

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