Magical Tree Game

Magical Tree Magical Tree. Man could not predict what he will experience when he leaves his house. Same goes for this married couple of cyclists that left their home with their bikes, planning to go on a nice tour in the mountains. They ride bikes for a longer period and often like to ride off-road, visiting mountain regions or other places almost untouched by a human hand but they couldn’t even imagine that something like this could happen to them.

On their tour those two people found out one very interesting tree and they decided to take a rest there and enjoy the wonderful nature. In one moment a strange sight appeared before their eyes – an actual fairy that started explaining them about the tree. As she said, this tree belongs to the fairies and the local carpenter comes here on regular basis and steals their precious things that are kept in the tree. She asks the couple if they could help them because the last time the carpenter has stolen the magic ring, and without that ring the fairies are very vulnerable and everyone could hurt them.

The couple was pretty amazed by the story, they have never seen something like this before, but however, they decided to help the fairy. They start looking for the carpenter and the magic ring willing to help the fairies keep their treasures but also willing to enter into an unique adventure, something they’ve never seen before.

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