Magical Statues Game

Magical Statues Magical Statues. Do you believe in magic? While some people don’t believe in those things, other people relay their life on it. Believe that magic could have a huge influence on everything they do, while some people even choose magic as their profession. Anger is a girl that has a rather strange destiny. Maybe she didn’t believe in magic at the beginning but the events that have happen to her life made her to change her mind and start thinking differently.

Agnes, after many years, has decided to come back again in her home town. Namely, the town is cursed by the evil magician Parune. Agnes is really sad because her whole family and all of her friends are now turned into statues because of that curse. Agnes simply can’t accept this truth so she comes back in her town willing to change the things. She is hoping that she will manage to find a way to break the curse of Parune. That will mean that all the citizens of her town will be finally free.

Now let’s see what is going on there. This will be a rather strange situation but we could learn something more about magic its powers and of course, to save Agnes relatives and fellow citizens. Enjoy and have fun in playing Magical Statues Game.

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