Lord of the Swamp Game

Lord of the Swamp Lord of the Swamp. There are many stories about creatures that live in the swamps. Perhaps the most famous story is about the Loch Ness Monster. There is even a photography from this creature even though it is that old that the quality can’t prove its existence. Also there are no facts that prove anything about the monster but on the other hand, there are witnesses that make the mystery bigger and bigger. We can’t say anything for sure about this monster, or any other monster that lives in some lace or a swamp but once the story has appeared, it attracts many tourists that come and hope that the creature will appear before them, even though perhaps no one has seen it before.

Few years ago Dustin had a strange happening in the local swamp. He usually goes hunting there and most of the times everything goes just fine but that day something unusual has happen. Dustin was attacked by a strange creature and he barely stayed alive from this happening. From that day until now, Dustin is wondering what that was, what creature attacked him that night? Definitely it wasn’t something normal and seen before but the fact is that it was something big and dangerous!

Dustin has heard stories about some mysterious creature that lives in the swamp. The other hunters that hunt near the swamp call it the Lord of the Swamp. Today Dustin has come again to the same place, hunted by the thoughts about the creature. Will he find out who was responsible for the terrible attack?

Lord of the Swamp is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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