Life in the Air Game

Life in the Air Life in the Air. Aviation is definitely good developed branch. In the past perhaps people were even scared to travel by plane but nowadays planes are sometimes considered even safer than cars. Also the fast way of living has made the air transport irreplaceable because the new work places in some cases ask for the employees to visit many distant places all around the world in a very short period of time. The information travels fastest but still the physical presence is of a huge importance.

And while the big air travel companies invest a lot in their services, there are also companies that don’t care too much if the passenger will visit them once again. That means that they don’t care much about the conditions in the plane, the comfort and the food, but also they don’t care too much care about the passengers’ baggage…

However, this doesn’t count for Don. Don is a professional pilot in a passenger place, but also he is an owner of a small airport. Many times Don knows to help the passengers that have lost their baggage. After every flight he walks around the airport, takes a look at the airport together with the plane, with intention to find the lost objects of the passengers. He likes to be fair to everyone and keep his customers, keeping the good reputation.

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