Land Of Riddles Game

Land Of Riddles Land Of Riddles. It’s been awhile since we haven’t said hello to you our player with the quiz games. From time to time we are reminding you with our games that open new questions to you. Some of the topics you may not know at all, or you know a bit, but it is chance to remind yourself or improve your knowledge. For those of you who are always hungry to revise their knowledge and go deeper and learn something new, than this would be the perfect game for you. And if you are our habitual visitor, than you wouldn’t have problems with our rules for the quiz games. This a classical quiz game on hidden4fun. But, let’s repeat the rules once again.

After each level you will receive new riddles. On each correct answer you will get another level, and unfortunately, on each wrong answer, you will have to replay the level. A riddle is something very popular with centuries. That is actually a statement and very often in a form of question and usually has double meaning. It is like a puzzle that should be solved. Riddles can be found as two types – enigmas and they are problems expressed in allegorical language and one should think very carefully for the answer and the other type is called conundra, and that is the punning effect in the question or in the answer. Riddles are common for the people in the whole world. Some have it more, some less. They can be on different topics. As anthropologist Archer Taylor says: We can probably say that riddling is an universal art.

So, enjoy this quiz game, give your best and have fun. You may learn something new, if not, repeat what you know. Didn’t the Latins say – Repetitio mater studiorum est. Enjoy and have fun in playing Land Of Riddles Game.

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