Island of Meor Game

Island of Meor Island of Meor. It is not sure if the things that happened in the movie ‘The Beach’ were true or invented but it surely was a great inspiration for new type of tourism. Usually people go touristic on some known destinations, near some sea, in the mountains or they visit notable cities all around the world, known by certain characteristic building or happenings that took place there. Some people decide to go on some more free travel, on some abandoned islands that wait to be explored while others, usually younger tourists, these days more often choose to visit an island where there is a wild party going on. They usually go by big boats and there party starts even there.

Island of Meor. This group of young adventurists that is included in the game decided to have a little bit different holiday. They went to float on the waters of the sea known as Bohamra. Their incredible journey was full of parties and excitement; they had a really incredible time on that ship, hoping that it will continue like that on the island too.

However, this journey was interrupted by a sudden storm that swept through that part of the sea. The people were forced to take a break of the trip on an abandoned island that no one knew about. They were little bit scared of what happened but they took some courage and decided to explore the island a little because it is quite sure that they won’t have the chance to visit this place again. They have time until the storms ends. Let’s see what is this island hiding.

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