House of Fear Game

House of Fear House of Fear. Experts say that artificially caused fear could help us relieve from the fears that we have in ourselves and that’s why people have invented activities like bungee jumping or horror movies and things like that. We all know that there is even a scary Luna Park, made of different machines that go up and down with incredible speeds, turn upside down – many things that literary take our breath away, but after that fear, we feel relaxed, at least most of us…

We are not quite sure that it was like that for this little girl that has visited the house of fear in the Luna Park. She was there with her mother who was quite sure that this would be very interesting experience for her daughter but the girl was so terrified by the things that she saw and believed that it is really happening. The girl was so scared that she dropped down her favorite teddy bear and she was very sad about that so now we will go back into the house of fear and help this girl find her favorite teddy bear, going from one room to another and exploring every corner of the place. We hope that you won’t get too scared on you visit of that place and you will make the girl happy by finding her teddy bear.

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