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Holiday PreparationHoliday Preparation. Spontaneous things are always best when they happen. At first it may seem that they bring a lot of stress and it is true to some extent but when we manage to deal the stress related to that happening, the pleasure is even bigger than in a regular case, when we plan everything and we are aware of every next step. Well in this case, it was a completely spontaneous situation. Rebecca will go on a holiday, and she knew about it before but she had so many other responsibilities in that time so she is packing herself for the holiday in the last moment. It would be a short break, a short holiday but however, she should be prepared for that as well. Summer clothes, some warmer clothes in case it becomes colder, shoes, cosmetics, travel documents…all those things are needed for a shorter holiday as for a long one, that’s for sure, so it asks for a lot of time for preparing.

And that’s how it goes – one thing, then another things, I like to take that, I don’t like to take that…and so on, so when the coffer is full of things, the room is also full of things – well that’s a real mess in the house. She may leave the house like that but Rebecca decides to clean it up first, and then start the trip. OK, that is not a bad idea but it will also take some time and she is in a rush so let’s help her deal with the mess so she could start the holiday.