Hidden Treats Game

Hidden Treats Hidden Treats. No matter how scary it may seem in general, actually Halloween is one of the happiest holidays during the year, especially for the kids. During the year they think about the Halloween masks and when the day comes, they are incredibly happy about the treats they will get going from door to door. And when they like to be scary or scare each other, that is probably the sweetest thing about Halloween. Not to mention that grownups are also happy when they take part in this amazing adventure.

How we will see what is most interesting about Halloween in this neighborhood. Namely, Marion, Beth and Peter are three children that live in the same neighborhood. Like most of the kids, they are really happy because tonight is Halloween. Marion is little bit older so she is the ‘main’ between her friends and she organizes them around the holiday.

Marion knows that every year the neighbors hide few special gifts for the kids from the neighborhood and all kids dream about finding them. That is their principal task around this special day. Marion truly hopes that her group will be the one that will manage to find the hidden gifts and the hidden treats this year. She would be very happy if you help her in that so share that Halloween spirit and have fun searching around together with Marion and her friends Beth and Peter.

Hidden Treats is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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