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Halloween TreatsHalloween Treats. Halloween, it’s one of the most interesting feasts for children off course is the Halloween custom called ‘Trick-or-treating’. Dressed up in different costumes that are typical for this holiday, children travel from house to house and they keep asking for treats, such as candies, somewhere money, and they use the phrase ‘Trick or treat’. The trick is a threat to perform mischief on the homeowners or their property if no treat is given to them. And for those owners that want to show to children that they want to cooperate, they put Halloween decorations outside their door or leave treats on their porch.

Halloween Treats. In different countries it originates from different periods. In Britain this house-to-house collecting food dates since the 16th century and the Americans practice it since the late 1920s. During the Halloween holiday one of the most famous festivities is the tradition of going all masked from house to house and to look for cookies from the owners. If they don’t get presents, than the ‘unwanted’ guests have the right to make some damage to the owner of the house. A group of masked children for the holiday come into a house in which there is no one.

They find a message on the door and the message say that the cookies are hidden inside the house. Come inside and find it! The house is weight too scary, so the rest of the group doesn’t want to enter it. Our player has the role of the only brave member of the house and enters alone inside. His task would be to find the sweet chocolates and bonbons and to put it into his sack.