Guess the City 2 Game

Guess-the-City-2 Guess the City 2. This could be classified as a hidden object game but also the game includes one aspect more – a quiz. You start the game as a regular hidden object game. You get a picture taken in some famous city and you see numerous objects spread in that picture. Look only for the objects that are given on a list under the main scene and once you are done with that, it is time to guess the city in the picture. We can’t say that the game is ease because there is a real mess in the picture in the first moment. That mess becomes smaller as you detect the hidden objects but still there are lots of them.

Think well before you take any step, think about your answer because in case that you miss it, you will actually come back into the previous level and start it all over, as many times as it’s needed to finish the whole game. When you answer the question right, you go into the new level – a new hidden challenge, then a new quiz, and so on, until you finish the whole game.

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