Guardians of the Jungle Game

Guardians of the Jungle Guardians of the Jungle. Kathy is a professional pilot. Even though some people concern that flying is not a typical women’s profession, she with her plain, often performs flights over the Amazon jungle. This is a rather big challenge for anyone which means that Kathy is a real profession and the fact that she is a woman doesn’t play any important role.

Because of her profession Kathy has met numerous people and each one of those people has his/her own story. However, some of the people that live around Amazon, told her that there is one secret tribe that lives deep into the jungle. Supposedly those people are the real keepers of the jungle and they know the jungle as anyone else. Well this sounds rather interesting and adventurous. On the other hand, this could be something really big because this jungle definitely hides something interesting, having in mind that it is consisted of the most beautiful nature of the world.

Being assured that she likes to get to know the real keepers of the jungle, Kathy finds a small place where she could land with her plane. It seems that it is the perfect place from where she could start her journey. Let’s keep her company and learn something more about this secret tribe that lives in the depth of the Amazon jungle.

Guardians of the Jungle is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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