Green Cleaning Company Game

Green Cleaning Company Green Cleaning Company. Judith and Matthew are owners of the first company for cleaning that uses exclusively eco products and detergents. They are really caring about the clean environment. And that’s why they have decided to invest in their business little bit more and to contribute for the common wealth of the earth.

That’s why they have become very famous in a short time in the central city area which is a location where the most of the companies are located, but also the luxury apartments of the rich businessmen. Perhaps Judith and Matthew like to help saving the planet but they also have to think about their business and that’s why they’ve chosen such a great location.

At the moment Judith and Matthew, together with their Green cleaning company and their team of professional cleaners, are in one of those luxury apartments. They have to clean this apartment using their eco products, so even though it is about a professional team, they could also use some help from some enthusiast like you. Let’s join and clean the place as good as we can.

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