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Gone CountryGone Country. Big cities and areas can be very annoying sometimes, difficult to deal with, to bear and not go get exhausted. We have the usual everyday life, waking up early in the morning, preparing ourselves and our children for school, totally in a mess, running all the time, and chasing the time. Then, you mess with colleagues for seven or eight hours, trying to avoid the rush hours to get home sooner, to pick up children from kindergarten or from school, finish the home activities or watch some television and then, go to bed.

Every day is almost the same story. We all wish that the day would last 28 hours so we would be able to finish everything we are willing to. Sometimes, some people are fed up with routine and if you are a little bit more rebellious person, one day, you will be fed up with this mess. And then, it is time to bring some decision, like what can I change in my life, how can I make it less stressful and joyful?

Gone Country. Exactly with such character we are going to meet you today. He has been by all modern time standards, successful person living in the big place, having a lot of friends and busy life. But, one day he decided he wanted to change something categorical in his life. After two decades spent in the big city, today’s hero Eric has decided to give his future a chance and to continue living in the village. He arrives on his parents village and decides to start dealing with farming. For his beginning, he should learn few basic things so he would function easily in the new environment. Our player has the role of experienced farmer and he helps Eric to handle his property.