Glass Garden Game

Glass Garden Tina has a very interesting and quite unique profession. She works in the glass garden that takes place in her city. This is a very special place. It looks amazing and inside the garden there are rare plants that row in special conditions. Actually this glass garden is made with intention to get the authentic atmosphere where those plants grow in nature, and bring them closer to the people who simply can’t pass the whole world and get to know all those natural beauties.

Tina is actually in charge for the rarest plants and her job is very responsible. She has to be always alert and give the plant everything that it needs so it could continue living even though it is not in its natural environment any more. Besides the glass garden, Tina additionally takes care of the park that surrounds the garden. This is also a special place that aside from the garden also attracts a lot of people who come there to take a walk and enjoy the magical sights that this amazing nature offers them. Taking care of the park is also a responsible work and you may easily guess that Tina is very busy and hardworking person.

However, even though Tina loves her job very much and since she is in love with those plants, she does her job with greatest pleasure, sometimes it could be very hard to achieve all of that. In those moments Tina is glad to get some help, so this time she would be very thankful if you could help her with her latest responsibilities.

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