Ghost Street Mystery Game

Ghost Street MysteryGhost Street Mystery. The Rellwick Street is famous as a Ghost street. People that live here very often are complaining that there are mysterious things happening in the night hours. Each of them is scared to death. The locals asked for help from the local authorities to solve this mystery, but after long term investigations they have concluded that there is nothing in there. The inhabitants of the street made an agreement that they would call someone who could communicate with the ghosts. They actually called Elsa, a young girl who is talented in communication with ghosts. Elsa is going to give all she can to solve the problem that lasts with year and that bothers the habitants of the street of Ghosts.

Someone believes in paranormal things and believes that spirits of other people, especially of dead people still live after they pass away. For someone else, that actually is bull shit, but everyone has the right to believe in anything. For some logics, even in the stories, the bad things happen at night. It is probably logical, knowing that the nights are more mysterious, dark, quiet and people usually fear to walk alone in the late hours. So, even if ghosts don’t exist, in this game, put your adventurer’s shoes and play the game.

Help our Elsa to solve the problem that gives such a hard time to the local people of Rellwick Street. Help these people to return their peace again. Sometimes, the Rellwick Street was such a nice place to live. People would enjoy the time together, would gather together very often, organizing parties and barbeques in their yards, but after the ghosts appeared, they lost all the peace and harmony they had. It is so sad. But, Elsa and you can return their life back together. Thank you in advance for helping them.

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