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Frozen SpellFrozen Spell. ‘The Frozen’ which talks about the Kingdom of queen Elsa and her sister Anna is definitely the most popular new animated film in the last ten years that has attracted millions of children to be influenced by its magic and beauty. Whatever Elsa would touch, she would turn into ice. The girls especially are enchanted by the beauty of the dresses, of Elsa’s powers and the charming little sister Anna, that always gives a nice energy to the animation.In our game for today, we are facing a bad witch that attacks a whole town and wants to destroy the peace they had in years.

Can you put in your head your town or city to be put under threat of a strange force that will make it all frosted? And that would happen to people? They would be frozen, as well. What a quietness would that be? No one talking, no one walking, no cars and noise on the streets, everything blocked. Off course, that wouldn’t be nice to be forever, but for few days, why not?

Frozen Spell. Alice is a girl that lives in the small town Bradford, which, very often is attacked by the magic of the bad sorceress Hazel. This time Hazel has thrown very tough curse over the town and has frozen it all. The rose which is symbol of peace and love and it is trademark of the town of Bradford, is frozen, as well. Alice, together with our player has the role to find out a way how to break this spell and to bring back peace again and love in the town, by defrosting the rose. So, be constructive and try your best what should you do to save the small town of Bradford. Help people bring their peace again and live the way they are used to.