Four Seasons Painting

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Game Details

Four Seasons PaintingFour Seasons Painting. OK, when we hear about four seasons the first association that comes to mind for most of us is the famous piece of Antonio Vivaldi, having the same name. Maybe it is about music but this music definitely brings the feeling of the seasons, like they really change when you listen to it. However, in this game it is not about associations or something taken metaphorically. But it is simply about paintings of the four seasons.

More concretely, this game is about an artist that really likes to paint landscapes. That is something that he likes to watch most because they relax him completely but at the same time he is getting his inspiration from the landscapes that appear in every different season.

Our artists this time decides to make a painting that will include all four seasons, some combination that could include all beauties into one, just like the piece of Vivaldi. However, this is not an easy job at all so he starts looking for the right landscapes that will be included into this painting.

Four Seasons Painting is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.