Forest Society Game

Forest Society Forest Society. The forests of Mexico cover a surface area of about 64 million hectares, or 34.5% of the country which is quite a lot. These forests are divided by the type of tree and biome. Tropical forests, temperate forests, cloud forests, riparian forests, deciduous, evergreen, dry, moist, etc. Those forests are really wonderful and they attract a lot of tourists. But also there are some people that are not that conscientious and choose to act without thinking of the possible consequences. We are talking about those people who destroy the forests, eager for money. Actually those people like to get rich with selling something that doesn’t belong to them and that is the natural treasure. Perhaps there are plans for planned deforestation. But those people definitely are not appreciating this plan because they work as wild woodcutters.

Marion is a member of a society called “Forest Society”. She is not from Mexico but at this moment she is in those Mexican forests. In the new camp of the Organization where all volunteers of the Organization are located. Marion has a task in front of herself. To wake up the conscientious of the local citizens about the value of those forests. Those people actually own their existence to those forests. But many of them are not aware of the benefits that those forests give but now it’s time to change that for good.

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