Fall of Darkness Game

Fall of Darkness Fall of Darkness. There are numerous traditions all around the world, numerous origins of those traditions that came out of certain reasons. Some of these issues are quite explainable but people choose to believe in the legends, recalling the memory of it very often and relating it to a certain date while also there are things that are hard to be explained, actually no one managed to explain them for so many years. Those unexplained happenings stay a mystery and sometimes spread fear between people because we are all scared from the unknown…

Tracy arrives in the old part of the city of Sarton. He is here because of one and only reason and that’s the period of dark autumn that appears here every autumn and lasts for exactly 3 days. No one could explain these happenings and all people of Sarton are scared from it so they stay locked at home.

Even the markets don’t work, it looks like some apocalyptic situation when the time stops and everyone waits for those days to pass,, like the city stops living those three days. Stacy is very curious girl and she likes to find the truth about this strange happening and that’s why she will stay in Sarton those three days, willing to explore the mystery and find out something more from the people that live there. She doesn’t feel scared like everyone else because she strongly believes that there is some logical explanation about everything. Let’s see how would she deal with the fall of darkness those long three days.

Fall of Darkness is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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