Evil’s Nest Game

Evil's Nest Evil’s Nest. Ethel is in front of the gates of a mysterious castle that has been locked for many years. The doors of this castle are locked with the most complex lock that ever existed so during this period numerous people tried to find a way to unlocked it. Some of them were very smart, some of them strong but no one has managed to open the gates, at least until now…This girl has been interested into opening the gates for many years.

For certain period of time, all she did was thinking about a possible answer. And yes, she did it! After many years dedicated on examining this mysterious lock, Ethel managed to open it. She managed to do something that no one before couldn’t! But is this something good? She opened the gate in order to see what is inside and no one has a clue about that.Ethel enters into the castle.

She looks around searching for some interesting artifact, but very soon she realizes that she has made a huge mistake. Actually the whole evil in the world was locked in this castle. Looking for something useful, Ethel released the evil and not the evil is free to conquer the world. That’s definitely not a good thing so now Ether hurries up to solve the riddle that will bring the evil back in the castle and locked it there forever. Let’s help Ether ans save the world from the evil.

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