Evanora’s Revenge Game

Evanoras Revenge Evanora’s Revenge. Revenge is no good thing. Maybe you will feel well for a short time, but the anger will be there to stay. Evanora is witch. It was not her fault that few years ago she was foredoomed to live outside of the community of the Witch. She lives all alone and each traveler who is close to her, has to fulfill all the tasks that Evanora gives, if he or she wants to safe his life.

She asks for five questions and the correct answers are needed. Evanora is being chased away from the witches community, because she was the organizer of a sabotage of the king. That is to say, together with her rebels she simply made it.

But, the price she had to pay was pretty high. She had to leave the comfort zone and the community she functioned in years. But, as in real life, victims are needed when we want to achieve great goals. We are sure that Evanora didn’t want to lose her personality for the sake of the ideals she believed in. Here you come on board, our precious player. You can help this lady become the good one again and move away the hatred.

Evanora’s Revenge is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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