Downtown Dog Rescue Game

Downtown Dog Rescue Downtown Dog Rescue. The weather seemed just fine when Megan and her dog left their home and went for a walk but very soon it became rainy and thunders started appearing all around. Additionally, somehow Megan has lost her dog in the middle of the town! Perhaps it won’t be that big trouble in case that this happened someplace else, like in their neighborhood but the center of the town is not a territory known for this dog. Megan is rather scared because she also doesn’t have a clue where to look for the dog.

The scared girl starts looking all available options, while the weather started becoming worse and worse. The rain continued to fall, followed by a thunderstorm, and the dog hasn’t come yet. Megan thought about asking for help from someone, but she realizes that she doesn’t know anyone that lives in the center, no one she could ask for a help.

However, you may guess that in this situation we could ask for your help. You see the whole situation and you probably know that you are the only help for this girl. Since the weather is not changing, you could start searching for the dog right away. Megan would very helpful if you manage to help her find the dog, so be kind and help her.

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