Desert King Game

Desert King Desert King. Sabu lives in a small village in Egypt. He comes from a very poor family and his parents always tried to find a way to survive because they simply didn’t have luck to earn for a suitable life. They lived day by day, never thinking about tomorrow because every new day was a new survival for them… However, being poor wasn’t something that ruined the spirit of this family. They were very happy that they are together and they concerned this as the most important thing in their lives, not the fact if they are rich or poor.

On the other hand, there is one story that Sabu’s grandfather always used to tell him. According to this story, he is actually a descendant of the last king of Egypt. Sabu was always amazed by this story. Not for the fact that he might become rich but by the hope that the life is fair, after all and the chance that he might be a special person, with blue blood, not just a very poor boy.

According to the stories of Sabu’s grandfather, there is a place that hides all the artifacts and the evidences that could prove and show his royal origin. Sabu is now at the place, and he will start right away, to search for those objects that might change his life for good and might open a completely new dimension of his life.

Desert King is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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