Curse of the Northern Lights Game

Curse of the Northern Lights Curse of the Northern Lights. In the north part of the land, in particular part of the year, there are strange lights that appear in the sky at night. Those lights are called Aurora. In this part of the land there is also one small city and in this city there are strange things happening in the same period when the Aurora appears. There are many different believes about this happening that try to explain it. The local population believes that Aurora is actually the light of their ancestor’s souls that appears in this time of the year.

The main character of this game is Robin. Robin arrives in this small city with aim to explore these phenomena and see what the truth behind the strange lights and those unusual happenings is. Robin has to get in touch with the ancestor’s souls, to talk to them and give them piece of the local treasure so they could leave in peace and stop doing troubles to the local population.

During the game Robin has to collect enough money to advance into the next level and with that she actually gets bonus games as well and bonus levels. At the end Robin has to give the money to the lost souls so they could close the portal that leads to their world. Those lost souls will be satisfied and the inhabitants of the place will be finally able to enjoy their peace, without someone causing those troubles.

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