Countryside Vacation

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Countryside VacationCountryside Vacation. The best childhood is where there is joy. No worries, sand, beach, village, a lot of love from all the grownups around, mother, father, siblings, grandparents. Especially during the summertime or in winter, when children are off from school. Those vacations are the best, you get the chance to playfully spend the time, learn about animals, nature, trees, fruits, vegetables and all the things that you can’t find easily or there even aren’t in the big cities and even towns where we live.

We usually spend that vacation time with our relatives that are our similar age. We play together and we are not aware how positive that would influence on us when we grow up. And when that happens, we love to go back there some day, remember how it was. In our new game we are introducing you with a person that is very much in love with the nature and she doesn’t miss a chance to go somewhere out whenever she is free and able to do that. She was used to go on picnics and stay in rural places, because she almost grew up like that.

For few years Tiffany wants to go on a vacation and to visit her grandmother that lives in the village. This summer she has the spare time and is going to realize her wish. She is admired by the beautiful nature and the clean air she finds there. Tiffany has visited her grandmother’s village since she was a small child, she actually was grown up there spending half of the year over there and has forgotten the air that made her so healthy and nice girl. The lively sigh views and the wonderful small lake are ideal for everyday walks and for the exploration of the environment. Tiffany loves walking and discovering new places.

Countryside Vacation is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.