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Complete CleaningComplete Cleaning. It might be easy to take care of the day-to-day cleaning, but it’s harder to complete that all-important deep clean to fully cleanse your space. No matter how clean you regularly are, taking the time to fully flush your space of dust and grime will really change the game. Let’s admit it – deep cleaning is hard work.

Remember Donna? She has been our guide book for cleaning. She is a type of a person that has always been into perfect order and hygiene in her home. She believes that good hygiene is half a health, and very often she cleans up the whole apartment. It doesn’t have to take forever to clean your apartment from top to bottom, especially when you follow Donna’s advices.

Donna is again doing her home choirs this weekend. Her challenge now is to get her apartment spotless. She is planning a deep cleaning of her home, but it’s hard to clean where there are piles of items covering up every surface in your home. Her daughters have made quite a mess this time and that is why she decided to ask for help. Let’s help her get rid of the mess and ‘steal’ her deep cleaning secrets!

Complete Cleaning is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.