Christmas Legend

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Christmas LegendChristmas Legend. Veronica is in the house of her late grand grandmother. She always likes to take a lot at this house since there are so many interesting items there, so old but very beautiful. However, this time it is something different, something that may sound strange but it actually happens every year. At Christmas Eve, grand grandmother’s spirit appears in the abandoned house. It seems that she likes to communicate with someone. Because really strange things happen but no one has discovered what happens for sure. Veronica has come this day in the house and she likes to discover the whole mystery. She assumes that it is about her grand grandmother’s spirit but her common sense is telling her something else, but who knows?!

Veronica started exploring the house once again, taking care of every small corner, every closet, and every hidden place and soon she realizes that there are some aspects of her grand grandmother’s life that she has missed the last times when she was searching around. Veronica realizes that her grand grandmother was in love in a French soldier.

He was supposed to come on Christmas Eve but he never showed up. Actually this woman was waiting for her beloved secretly every year. Buying him present but perhaps something terrible has happen to this soldier… Veronica has to find all the presents her grand grandmother has bought to her lover and give them to the family of the French soldier. She believes that this is the way her grand grandmother to settle down and finally get peace.

Christmas Legend is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.