Cabin on the Hill Game

Cabin on the Hill Cabin on the Hill. Retirements are experienced by people differently. Some people are ready for the retirement and they wait for it impatiently, having a clear vision of what will they do with the rest of their lives. Other people look for some freelance job and a way to fill their time with work because that way they feel younger and more vital. In both cases it is rather important to stay active because retirement is retiring from one part of our lives and dedicating to another… which is also interesting and challenging.

There are few days since Erica has retarded from her job. She loved her job but it was time to leave it and dedicate to other things in life. Erica has a small house in the mountains and her biggest wish is to move there after the official retirement. She imagines a quiet and beautiful life in that small mountain house, full of joy and happiness and she is just a step from her dream.

Since Erica is now free, she has enough time to clean her weekend house and decorate it as she likes. She didn’t visit this house that often lately which means that she has a lot of work. That’s why Erica would need our help, so let’s be fair and help her clean the house sooner and of course, move to the house sooner. It is time to check out what is necessary for Erica and what isn’t and help her prepare the home of her dreams. Enjoy and have fun in playing Cabin on the Hill Game.

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