Buried Treasure Game

Buried Treasure Buried Treasure. The famous treasure tracer Frederick is known for his many quests. This man has numerous treasures and valuable items that were so well hidden by the veil of time. He starts by certain rumors, legends about something or just a piece of an old map and he manages to reconstruct the whole situation and the location where the treasure is hidden. That is what he’s been doing so far and he is really successful in his call.

Now Frederick arrives in one small village. He has heard something about the map of King Arthur that shows the place where is hidden the great treasure of the great ruler. According to the legend, the treasure is buried deep under one of the palaces but the thing is that those palaces do not exist these days; they are destroyed many years ago. However, if Frederick manages to assemble the map, he will find out the locations of the palaces and the places where he should dig, in order to find the buried treasure.

Frederick could not assemble the map by his own so he needs help from the oldest inhabitant of the village that is believed to know exactly where those palaces in the Kingdom were. Still, this old man doesn’t like to reveal the secret that easily so he asks to be well paid for that. Frederick thinks that finding some diamonds will help him pay the old may for his advice so he starts looking for some. With every given diamond Frederick gets a piece of the map, so he hopes that he will get to the final point.

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