Broken Spell Game

Broken-Spell Broken Spell. Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson are married for many years. They had a really happy and healthy marriage, full with love, respect and common understanding but suddenly things went wrong the last few months. The two of them simply can’t find common language to talk about their problems and they always fight, with or without a reason. They tried to use the methods they used the past years, to get over the conflicts but not that doesn’t seem enough, their marriage is becoming worse and worse.

Their friends are telling them that it could be a marriage crisis they are passing through and that it could happen for some ones that are together for so many years but the Atkinson’s simply don’t want to believe in that. Actually Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson are convinced that someone has sent a bad magic on them and that’s why their relationship has become that way. This is hard to believe but the married couple believes it, so they’ve decided to go to one monastery that is positioned high in the mountains, where they could possibly find inner peace that will help them break the bad magic.

OK, we won’t judge them, maybe the magic will be really broken or simply they will find a way to start communicating once again and continue their marriage as it was before. Let’s see together how would they handle the whole situation.

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